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  • The Bell UH-1Y

    The Bell UH-1Y  Yankee

    The legendary Bell UH made better, that's the Bell UH-1Y. It has all the effectiveness, safety and reliability of the original UH. Like its predecessor it operates in the most extreme environments, from Arctic cold to desert heat. But the UH-1Y is an upgrade from the legend. Bell Helicopter has incorporated the latest aerospace technology into the UH-1Y, outfitting it with airframe improvements, twin General Electric T700 engines, an ultramodern glass cockpit and many more advanced systems. The original Bell UH set a very high standard. The Bell UH-1Y sets that standard even higher.

    • 125% higher paylod than the UH-1N
    • Almost 50% more range and maximum cruise speed than the UH-1N
    • Sustainable high G loads in tactical or evasive maneuvers.
    • Reduced vibration
    • Fully integrated, night vision goggle (NVG) compatible “glass” cockpit
    • Advanced electronic warfare self protection (EWSP) suite, and ballistically hardened components protect it from a broad range of modern threat weapons.
    • A proven crashworthy fuel system to reduce the risk of fire and fully stroking energy attenuating seats to protect crewmembers and passengers from injury, in the event of a crash.
    Survivability & Crashworthiness

    Like no other utility helicopter in the world, the UH-1Y survives combat with an advanced countermeasure suite, which includes:

    • AVR-2A Laser Warning Receiver
    • APR-39A(v) 2 Radar Warning Receiver
    • ALE-47 “Smart” Countermeasures Dispenser and
    • AAR-47 Missile Warning Device.
    ...and the latest airframe technologies, such as:
    • Energy attenuating crashworthy seats
    • Energy-absorbing landing gear
    • Self sealing fuel tanks and fuel systems
    • Fuel vapor inerting systems
    • Mass retention designs to ensure major components stay where they should in the event of a crash, and many other advanced features
    Modern Technology

    The UH-1Y is a design for the 21st century. Produced to meet the stringent requirements of the USMC today – its aircraft design brings together proven UH-1N airframe reliability, a new composite four bladed rotor system and powerful T700-GE-401C engines. With fully integrated weapons, avionics and communications systems the UH-1Y flies with the most advanced aircraft survivability equipment in the world. The UH-1Y is truly state-of-the-art.

    Navigation Thermal Imaging System (NTIS)

    FLIR Systems, Inc., BRITE Star NTIS is used on the nose of the aircraft for targeting and FLIR images that are displayed on selected multifunction displays (MFDs) are available to the pilots.

    Helmet Mounted Sight and Display System

    The "Top Owl" Helmet Mounted Sight and Display (HMS/D) system supports improved communication and reduced cockpit workload. Manufactured by THALES Avionics, the TopOwl HMS/D is the most technically advanced helmet available. Upgradeable "in-service" and as additional requirements develop, it combines both avionics function with the aircrew life support and protection into a single unit.


    Designed for lower maintenance, with the helicopter mechanic in mind, the UH-1Y is one of the most reliable aircraft made. Mantenance features of the UH-1Y include:

    • Fault detection sensors that facilitate “on-condition” maintenance
    • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals
    • Better accessibility
    • Elimination of certain maintenance tasks
    • Less maintenance man hours per flight hour
    • Less spares storage requirement
    H1 Program Commonality

    Shared dynamics and nearly identical cockpits vastly reduces the logistical tail, procurement and training costs required to support a large fleet of mixed type aircraft. The UH-1Y and AH-1Z have 84% commonality with identical components.

    Just as the UH-1N is being rebuilt and redesigned into the UH-1Y, the US Marine Corps Attack helicopters are being rebuilt and redesigned as well. The traditional reliability of the Huey series now contributes to the outstanding performance, state-of-the-art dynamics and avionics of the H1Upgrade Program.

    Supportable Design

    Built for expedient maintenance in the field as well as extended periods of trouble-free operation, the UH-1Y offers industry leading reliability at the lowest-through-life cost.

    Designed to withstand the harshest, most challenging environmental operation, the aircraft comes “wet assembled” and incorporates aluminum transmission cases to prevent corrosion. With unique semi-automatic main rotor blade folding capability, this helicopter moves and stores easily in confined areas.

    The Legacy Lives On

    With either new or remanufactured options for the existing fleet owner, the UH-1Y program greets prospective operators with tremendous ownership flexibility. As the aircraft of choice for the U.S. Marine Corps, the four-bladed, twin engine UH-1Y meets the Corps' stringent requirements with its 70% life cycle cost saving against the competition.

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