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Amarillo, TX

Bell offers opportunities in a variety of functions, career levels and locations. Bell Helicopter is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Learn more about our Amarillo facilities below.

A Great Place to Work

Imagine … working in a new, clean, state-of-the-art aerospace facility … building the most advanced vertical-lift aircraft in the industry … and doing it all while living in a community where your family feels at home and where traffic jams just don’t happen.

It’s been said that after you wear out one pair of shoes in Amarillo, you’ll never want to leave. The Amarillo employees of Bell Helicopter can tell you it’s true. Whether you’re interested in living in a vibrant arts community or hiking the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon or being five hours from great skiing, Amarillo is the place to live.

Here at the Military Aircraft Assembly Center, we’re building the revolutionary V-22 Osprey and upgrading the Cobra and Huey for 21st Century military missions. This is where the most exciting work in vertical takeoff and landing is happening. You can be a part of it.

We need good people to fill positions in quality engineering, aerospace program management, professional technicians, assembly and flight operations. We offer competitive pay and an outstanding benefits package, which includes excellent health care benefits with dental and vision coverage; both retirement plan and 401K savings plan; and vacation and holidays accrue from date of employment.

Imagine … being part of an outstanding team that builds the premier, world-class, vertical-lift aircrafts.

A Great Place to Live

The people who live and work in Amarillo look just like people you see in other cities, and in other parts of the country, but there’s something special: you’ll discover a uniqueness of character that’s hard to describe. It’s something you have to experience first hand.

People here have a positive outlook, and it’s infectious. It’s a can-do attitude that is shared. Young and old, people from every walk of life experience a sense of community.

Perhaps it’s an attitude that’s inherited from the pioneers who settled this area. Back then, neighbors had to help out each other just to survive. But even today you see newcomers adopting that same spirit. We work hard and play hard. We get the job done, and at the end of the day it feels pretty good.

Amarillo is right in the center of the south-central region of the U.S., the fastest growing region in the country. It is the retailing, medical and service center for an area extending about 60 miles south and 120 miles to the north, east and west. More than 500,000 people reside within that trade area, so Amarillo has amenities you would expect to find in a much larger city but without the problems of urban decay and traffic congestion.

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