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Mirabel, Québec, Canada

Bell offers opportunities in a variety of functions, career levels and locations. Bell Helicopter is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Learn more about our Mirabel facility below.

A Great Place to Work

Montreal, Québec, Canada - The Bell Mirabel facility is home to an extensive and modern manufacturing facility where all of Bell's commercial helicopters are produced. A major element of product support is also located here.

A Great Place to Live

The Mirabel facility is just a short distance away from the city of Montreal, one of the most popular destinations in North America, it is a city that offers hospitality with a definite French flavor. Growing from a small French colony in the later half of the 17th century to a thriving metropolis on the threshold of a new millennium, Montreal is, to this day, the second largest French-speaking city in the world.

English is also very much in evidence, reflecting the British influence that has traditionally colored Montreal's history. The British merchants, who helped the city flourish as a bustling trade centre in the late 1600s, were followed over the years by waves of immigrants from more than 80 countries and every continent. Contributing their energy and traditions, they helped create the rich multicultural mosaic that has made Montreal such a fascinating cosmopolitan city where, in addition to French and English, visitors are likely to hear any one of more than 35 languages.

"Joie de vivre" expresses the unique spirit and Latin ambience that permeate the fabric of Montreal. A thriving cultural centre, it is dotted by monuments, museums and world-class sports palaces hosting national and international events. Its streets, theatres and other centres for the performing arts are alive with an endless stream of festivals and artistic events attracting the best in the world -- the result is a major urban centre and one of the world's greatest cities, Montreal.

Bell Helicopter Textron Mirabel's facilities are located some thirty kilometers north of Montreal, in the Lower Laurentian area.

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