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  • The Bell OH-58D

    The Bell OH-58D  Kiowa Warrior

    Proven in combat all over the world, the Bell OH-58D offers everything your mission requires in a scout helicopter: long-range day and night target acquisition, multi purpose quick-change kits, and multiple armaments with low infrared and acoustic signatures. And it can be armed and ready to fight less than 10 minutes after being off-loaded from a C-130. If the mission calls for truly exceptional war-fighting capabilities, the Bell OH-58D is always ready to answer the call.

    Weapons Capability
    Universal weapons pylons offer quick-change selection of the helicopter's diverse weapons systems. Each of the helicopter's two pylons can be armed with any of the following:
    • Hellfire and anti-tank missiles
    • Hydra 70 rockets
    • .50-caliber machine gun
    Survivability & Crashworthiness
    Like no other armed reconnaissance helicopter in the world, the OH-58D survives combat with a countermeasure suite, which includes:
    • Infrared seeker jammer
    • Pulse and CW radar warning receivers
    • Laser warning detectors
    • Inherent infrared suppression
    Mast-Mounted Sight
    The mast-mounted sight enables the Kiowa Warrior to fight both day and night, at the maximum range of its weapons systems - and with minimum exposure. The aircraft remains concealed during all but a few seconds of an autonomous engagement, making it considerably more survivable than gunships with nose-mounted sensors.

    Systems inside the mast include:
    • High-resolution TV camera for long-range, low-light target detection
    • IR thermal imaging sensor for navigation, target acquisition at night or under obscured conditions
    • Laser rangerfinder for precise target location and guidance of armament
    • Boresight assembly for quick in-flight sensor alignment
    Engine Transmission and Rotor
    The Kiowa's power train gives the speed, lift and maneuverablilty needed to endure battlefield conditions. Standard on the OH-58D are:
    • 458 kw (650 shp) Allison turbine, proven on Bell's commercial model 206 LongRangers, which have amassed tens of thousands of flight hours
    • "Ruggedized" transmission with a transient power capability of 475 kw (637 hp)
    • Four-bladed main rotor system with all-composite, lifetime rotorblades capable of surviving shell hits up to .50 caliber
    Cockpit Electronics
    The OH-58D features:
    • Video recorder for storing TV and thermal imagery from mission
    • Cockpit playback capability
    • Data transfer system with data-loading module for pre-mission storing of navigation waypoints and radio frequencies
    • Night vision goggle flight reference symbology display
    • Have-Quick UHF and SINCGARS FM anti-jam radio
    • Displays to align and fire weapons systems

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