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    Mission : HEMS

    Getting patients to medical treatment before the golden hour is gone can mean the difference between life and death. Accomplishing that mission depends on your helicopter. That’s why you should choose a helicopter famous for its reliability. That’s why you should choose Bell.

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    Available HEMS Aircraft Configurations
    • The Bell 206L4

      Bell 206L4 - Mission: HEMS  

      When lives are at stake, every second counts. The Bell 206L4 ensures that you don't waste a single one. The 61-inch bi-fold door allows for quick and easy patient loading and unloading. The cabin can accommodate 1 patient and 2 medical attendants. The extra-large cabin windows give exceptional visibility to help navigate difficult scene landings. The Rolls-Royce 250-C30P turbine engine with more than 150 million flight hours provides reliability.

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      Bell 407 - Mission: HEMS  

      When you need to rescue victims in extreme environments, you need the Bell 407. It's designed to perform brilliantly in everything from high altitudes to Arctic conditions to the hottest climes. The 61-inch bi-fold door allows for quick and easy patient loading and unloading. The Rolls-Royce 250-C47B engine provides proven reliability. When the going gets really tough, go in a really tough helicopter: the Bell 407.

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      Bell 429 - Mission: HEMS  

      Critical care demands critical attention. These are stories of those who keep irregular hours. They tell of demands on transportation, reliability and action in that first critical hour. But quick reaction, competent care and advanced training mean nothing if you can't get there. Give your EMS missions the best chance for success. Choose the Bell 429.

    • The Bell 412

      Bell 412EP - Mission: HEMS  

      When it's critical that you get there, the Bell 412EP makes it possible. Ideal cabin configurations for air medical rescue or search and rescue. Adapts to specialty transports such as ECMO, IAPB and Ventricular Assist Devices. To ensure your missions are carried out with ultimate efficiency, choose the 412EP.

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