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Helicopter Refurbishment

Whether restoring a helicopter to its former glory, with all the latest equipment, or repurposing it for a new role entirely, Bell Helicopter redefined quality helicopter refurbishing decades ago and set a high standard that the rest of the industry is still striving to duplicate—and none have surpassed.

Thanks to the exceptional skills of our team and the complete selections of replacement parts and accessories provided by Aeronautical Accessories, we bring new life and usefulness to proven helicopters.

From new instruments and interiors to necessary structural repairs, Bell Helicopter has the experience and know-how to put previously retired helicopters back into the sky.

Expanding on our established and world class reputation for excellence in the areas of airframe and component depot level overhaul, Bell Helicopter provides a full range of depot level support services at our Ozark, Alabama facility.

Through complete equipment, tooling and dedicated maintenance hangars, Bell Helicopter is equipped to support both domestic and international customers.

The primary maintenance hangar includes more than 60,000 square feet to accommodate a production flow of up to forty-two helicopters in work at one time. Certified under ANSI/ISO 9001 standards, Bell Helicopter provides our customers with repair/upgrade of avionics, fuel cells, engines, drive train components, hydraulics systems, electric circuitry, nondestructive test, and all paint requirements.

Home of the Huey II

Bell Helicopter, has set up a production line process to install an upgrade kit on the existing UH-1 helicopter frame. The Bell Huey II is a proven and reliable multi-mission helicopter and the only OEM supported UH-1H upgrade available today. Qualified by Bell Helicopter, and endorsed by the U.S. Army through an Airworthiness Release, the Huey II combines new and re-conditioned components that delivered with comprehensive OEM warranty. The Huey II excels in austere environments and provides a significant increase in hover performance in high and hot conditions.

With over 225 aircraft operating in more than 10 countries, the Huey II provides the most cost effective medium lift capability and is backed by the industry’s leader in product and customer support.

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