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Training has been an integral part of Bell Helicopter’s customer support program for more than 65 years. We have trained over 130,000 customers from every market segment in more than 135 countries throughout the world.

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Customer Communications is a quick summary of topics relevant to our training customers. View and print a list of courses open for training, and reminders regarding the payment policy, requirements for international travel to train at the Bell Helicopter Training Academy and more.


In June we moved back to Bell's Fort Worth global headquarters. Effective immediately, classes will be held at the following address.

Bell Training Academy
9601 E. Trinity Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76118


Payment in full or a method of securing payment is required at time of registration. A training slot cannot be confirmed until payment is made or secured by one of the methods below.
•  Individuals and companies that do not have a Bell helicopter account or register less than thirty days prior to the start of training are required to make an on-line credit card payment at time of registration. You may apply for a Bell Account, but please note approval must be granted at least 30 days prior to the course start date.
•  Customers who require training services on a continued basis must have a Bell Helicopter credit account in good standing or apply for, and receive, approval for a Bell Helicopter credit account to secure payment at the time of registration.
•  Customers using a United States government procurement card must provide the card number at the time of registration. The card will be charged in accordance with government regulations.
Anyone taking complimentary training associated with the purchase of a helicopter must provide the appropriate aircraft serial number at the time of registration.


The Bell Helicopter Training Academy has set forth the following cancellation policy in order to increase the availability of training. All cancellations must be processed through our website or in writing to:

•  A 100% refund will be provided for cancellations made at least 15 days prior to the course start date.
•  A non-refundable fee of 25% of course cost will apply if cancellation or change notice is received less than 15 days before the course start date.
•  No refund will be issued to customers who fail to cancel through our website or in writing prior to the course start dates or "no show" for the course

Non-refunded tuition may not be applied toward future courses. It is our goal to continue to be the industry leader in helicopter training. We appreciate your business and look forward to satisfying your training requirements.


Due to the challenges our customers have with getting Visas and the ripple effect that has for our class fill rate, we are beginning a new policy for customers coming from non Visa Waiver Program countries (meaning anyone from a country who needs a Visa to travel to the US).

Going forward, all customers who need a Visa will have to:
•  Request registration at least 120 days prior to their desired course date
•  Identify, by name a pilot and interpreter (if needed) 100 days prior to course date
•  Confirm receipt of Visa to the Training Academy at least 30 days prior to course date

Bell Training Academy will:
•  Issue I-20 worksheets within 5 working days of registration request
•  Issue I-20 forms within 5 working days of receipt of filled in I-20 worksheet
•  Issue Visa invitation letters within 3 working days of I-20 form issuance
•  Confirm Visa status at least 30 days prior to course dates
•  Release course slot to the waitlist without confirmation of Visa at 30 days prior to course date.

Administration Contacts
On-site Maintenance    817-280-2823
Off-site Maintenance    817-280-4698
On-site Pilot    817-280-2816
Off-site Pilot    817-280-7225
BTA Main Phone No.    800-368-2355

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